MSDF Scholarship Program is 10!

Approximately 170 students have been awarded scholarships over the past 10 years. See photos and story below.

Overview of MSDF Scholarship Program

Background: Morgan Smart Development Foundation Scholarship was endowed by Dr. Evelyn Omawumi Urhobo, the President/CEO of the Foundation, over 10 years ago, to give very brilliant students from financially challenged background, the opportunity to have access to quality education without being encumbered by lack of funds for their parents and guardians to meet their educational needs while in school. The first set of 15 (fifteen) students were given scholarship by the Foundation in 2010 to cover the 2010/2011 school year and in the last 9 years, the number of Students being sponsored by the Foundation have grown to over 170 Students by 2018/2019 academic session

Modalities and Scope of MSDF Scholarship Program

The Foundation awards scholarship to indigent and intelligent students’ in public schools in Delta State, the process leading to the award involves; sending letters for nominations of students for the scholarship to schools in Delta State through the School Principals; the Principals are requested to send in names of indigent and disadvantaged children in JSS 1 – SSS 1 in their schools. Scholarship Letters are also given to Community heads to nominate candidates they feel are eligible for the MSDF scholarship awards as part of the Foundation’s Community Social Responsibility (CSR) in their area operation, the students must meet the following conditions:

  • Eligibility (prospective scholars must be indigenes of Delta state)
  • Target scholar must be intelligent and from a poor back ground.
  • Must be in Jss1 or SS1 in a public Secondary school in Delta State

Selection priorities are however given to children who are from very poor economic and deficient backgrounds or who have lost either both

MSDF Annual Summer Camp Program

The Foundation went further in 2012 to start the Summer Camp for the students under her scholarship in order to provide the opportunity for our students to experience a new environment and expand their horizon by getting additional educational and social stimuli that will help their development. The summer camp is to provide the forum for our sponsored students to come together outside their school environment, to meet and network and share experiences that will lead to bonding in friendship that will probably last for the rest of their lives.

The five (5) days program which is a yearly event is meant to help the scholars spend their long vacation meaningfully by engaging them in extra-curricular activities in a conducive, non-classroom environment. This is to expose them to real-life experiences they normally would not acquire in the classroom; they are also mentored positively in all areas of social behavior and civic responsibilities.

Summer Camp Objectives

The objectives of the yearly summer camp program include:

  • To provide a creative and safe space for underprivileged secondary school students to be engaged during the summer holiday, in a supportive environment
  • Expose students to an out of classroom experience that will further build their confidence; by providing opportunities to interact and network with students from other schools
  • Create positive form of curiosity through the diverse modules that will further assist students in making life and career choices
  • Provide a conducive environment and opportunities for the students to cultivate lifelong relationships
  • Harness the students’ creative skills by exposing students to positive role
  • models, who will come to the camp to share experiences and life skills, including career guidance
  • Expose students to educational activities outside the school curriculum, through skill acquisition classes, practical and excursion to places of educational and social interest

At least a 100 secondary school students participate in the annual summer camp program. The first four days of the Summer Camp program are dedicated to lectures on issues affecting teenagers; Choosing the right Mentor and Role Model, Proper Career Guidance and Counseling -How to choose a Career, Mentoring talk on different professions including, Medicine, Law, Teaching\Home management, computer programming, Agriculture, etc., Religious Admonitions, Health Talks and Basic First Aid Skills, Drug Abuse and other Negative Practices and their effects, Developing a Culture of Responsibility, Ethics and Values, Basic Road Safety Tips.  Motivational talks on how teens can be empowered, be money savvy etc. The camp program also features practical sessions on Drama, and Snacks Making (Puff Puff, Spring rolls and Samosa) and excursion to places of interest in Delta state.

Another high point of the summer camp, is the yearly special excursion trip Lagos for the best 10 students of the academic session. This is to reward them for their outstanding performances in their academics and also encourage the other students to work harder so as to benefit from such special rewards in future. The trip to Lagos includes visit to fun and interesting places, including the beach, and the cinema.

2019 Summer camp program for MSDF scholars

International Girl Child Day (2019) With MSDF Scholars

2018 Summer Camp Program for MSDF Scholars